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The New Yorker’s Jelani Cobb labeled it “a case study of structural racism in America and a metaphor for all that had gone wrong since the end of the civil-rights movement.” Ferguson is a paradigm, to be sure, but not exactly for the things Cobb suggests it represents.

Google announced a half-million dollar grant to Cullors to monitor and combat police brutality.

In the flash of a muzzle, Charlotte became the stage for the next act in a wrenching national drama about race and law enforcement.

Charlotte is a vibrant, growing, integrated metropolis, the very image of the “new South.” The officer involved was black, as was the police chief.

What it found, perhaps to its own surprise, was not merely ambiguity, which might have prompted the grand jurors to vote against an indictment. also corroborates Wilson’s account of the struggle over the gun and when the gun was fired, as do witness accounts that Wilson fired at least one shot from inside the SUV.

Rather, the evidence lent decisive support to Officer Wilson’s contention that he had acted in self-defense, and it showed that the widely circulated narrative about Brown and the actions that led to his death was a tissue of lies. Brown ran and Wilson began to pursue him, but Brown stopped after about a block and turned around, heading back toward Wilson.

And according to individuals who said they had witnessed the shooting, he had either been gunned down while running from the officer or facing him with his hands raised, pleading, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”The next day, Ferguson was convulsed in rioting, and protests broke out in other cities.

Black Lives Matter sponsored a series of “Freedom Rides” to Ferguson, and its Internet messages went viral.

Cullors, a performance artist based in Los Angeles, founded Dignity and Power Now, which she says has “achieved . Garza is an officer of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, having previously run a San Francisco group called People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER).