Start Dating donnie mcclurkin

Dating donnie mcclurkin

Lets pray that God “grant him repentance” again— Nuff said.

Look people, I know STRAIGHT church musicians who go out of their way to be a little “extra-masculine” as not to be falsely identified as gay. (SMH) Folks not only is this an indictment against Kirk but what about his camp?

I mean maaaan my wife and my children would be like – “Daddy that looks gay!!! C’mon, Ike from the Men of Standard was in the video- he didn’t have any lipstick on – but he didn’t say nuffin?

Yall, seriously lets pray for our people, lets pray for the church, lets pray for our children – and yall lets pray for Kirk, If He has any God in him …I am sure at some point he is going to experience buyer’s remorse with this one.