Start Meet and f no creditcard

Meet and f no creditcard

We're using a 1st or 2nd gen i Pad but it still seems a bit ridiculous how long it takes for transactions to go through, whether we're using wifi or the Verizon 3G (full signal strength on both).

It is NOT a lack of funds on the customer's part.

They often get immediate calls/emails/texts from their bank or they have to call their bank to get the fraud alert removed.

I've highlighted your comments to the dev team and we will be discussing these items further.

I'll update this thread with any updates as they become available.

In either case, 25% is way too high and this is something I would like to investigate further.

Are there certain types of cards (credit, debit, prepaid) and brands (Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex) resulting in a higher number of declines? It doesn't seem to be any particular brand of card.

EMV technology is an enhanced security feature and helps protect against fraud.