Start Kim kardashian dating a new man

Kim kardashian dating a new man

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And though Kourtney hasn't been extremely forthcoming with information about her boyfriend, the two have gone public on Instagram more than once in the last few months, which feels like a big step.

First, dressed as bank robbing gangsters on Halloween, followed by a trip to Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors (and posting a photo of that excursion on Instagram is basically a couple's rite of passage at this point), and most recently sharing an admittedly cute snap of the two of them "dancing by the moon." We've all been wondering how Younes got here, but really, he's been there the whole time.

Kim K has yet to comment on Bow Wow's story, and it feels unlikely she will.

A little while back, she confirmed that she's expecting her third child with Yeezy.

Check out Bow Wow's interview for yourself below.

The bit about Kim K comes up at the 49-minute mark.

No longer just a boy toy for Kourt (she's had a rumored history with dating younger men), it looks like Younes is here for the long haul.