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Desperate wives dating

Bree slept on the uncomfortable couch but begged him to get an outpatient procedure because she needed rest ahead of her book release and publicity tour.

Bree Orson’s broken nose, sustained in the fire, turned him into a loud snorer.

Bree asked him to have surgery to correct it but he couldn’t get an appointment for at least a month.

Susan Katharine took cookies to Mike at the hospital but refused to kiss him because she hadn’t told Susan they were dating yet.

When she (of course) ran into Susan (who was visiting Jackson) on her way out, she gave an excuse for being there instead of coming clean.

“Ever since my brother died, I haven’t had a really good friend,” he said. ” Feeling guilty about the innocent bystanders hurt or killed by his cover-up (or perhaps just concerned about carrying out revenge plan?

), Dave was obsessively watching the news about the fire when Edie tried to make him feel better by pointing out that the police thought Porter was responsible.

You can contact Tom or me and we will do what we can from a distance.” Ann then dropped a bomb of her own: “There’s no baby.