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Responses to are you dating anyone

You need go no further than any grocery store magazine aisle to be bombarded with quizzes, horoscopes, and advice on love.

This fixation implies that a woman’s worth and value hinges on her ability to find a man, which is, of course, problematic as hell.

Women can and do accomplish things and love themselves and feel complete without a partner (or with one who isn’t a man! Even so, there are some who will dismiss the prejudice of such logic by insisting that romance is a universal human desire and therefore fair game as a tool to connect and relate to others. We have to account for those who identify as aromantic and are perfectly happy never looking for romantic love.

Surprisingly enough, women can also be the source of romantic scrutiny towards other women, even though we all probably experience it as much as (if not more than) we dish it out.

Back in January, we published an article about things you shouldn’t say to single women.

Consequently, I’ve spent my entire adulthood waiting for the perfect, most noble person – who would magically knows how to handle all of my difficult personality traits – to come along and rescue me from my self.

Sure, folks might try and pass this off as flattery, but it’s basically the most polite way to ask “What’s wrong with you?

Editor’s Note: This article focuses specifically on the ways in which society makes assumptions about single women who date men.