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Independant dating

But instead, I met my partner — who turned out to be more of a Cory than a Shawn — at 20 and things just kept going well.

Think Mc Cartney and Sting—not Flea, who’s a drummer in bass players’ clothing (which apparently is a tube sock). About a mile from the hall the bus slides off an embankment and gets stuck in the snow.

The very fact that you don’t know who played bass for most of the great American bands is testament to the bass player’s humility. The members discuss what to do, and they realize that if they walk, they can still make their starting time. There's normally now the singers and guitarists who 'do a bit of synth' ...

I still care about who they are talking to on Tinder and would love to help them decide who to swipe right for.

• Bass players don’t care if you notice this, but theirs is the manliest instrument in a rock band. And the strings are rope-thick, which gives bass players strong fingers, and we’ll just leave that right there. Just before they get to the hall they come upon a country home lit from within, its chimney puffing.

As a kid, I always pictured my twenties like that country song about the girls living in little apartments eating Spaghetti-Os.

I’d travel, swap dating advice, and eat tubs of ice cream with my best friend/roommate, and cycle through scores of potential suitors before finally settling down at 35 with Shawn from .

Instead of moving in, my boyfriend and I rented separate apartments, with roommates, that were within walking distance.