Start Seven secrets of a healthy dating relationship

Seven secrets of a healthy dating relationship

Here are the seven secrets to long lasting relationships that you need to know: The same happens when it comes to emotion. When you argue with your partner and the emotion gets tense, this is very normal and you need to understand your partner’s point of view.

No matter it is with your colleagues, your friends or your lovers, the words you use will greatly influence your relationship with them.

One of the secrets to long lasting relationships is not to use abusive words in your conversation with the one you love.

But most of the advice you get isn’t from real experts. We may not love these problems, but we are able to cope with them, to avoid situations that worsen them, and to develop strategies and routines that help us deal with them. Chris Voss, former lead international hostage negotiator for the FBI and author of the stupendous book Never Split The Difference recommends the exact same thing.

These couples intuitively understand that problems are inevitably part of a relationship, much the way chronic physical ailments are inevitable as you get older. Avoid the main relationship “killer” — frequent criticism of your partner. Gottman spells out 4 things that spell doom for love, and take a guess what #1 is? They didn’t take out the garbage because they forgot, but because they’re . Fully hear them out and confirm that you understand what they’re saying, and that they know you understand.

Sharing can be anything, such as sharing household chores, watching movies, and more importantly, share the feelings you have for each other.

In fact, many studies have shown that couples who share household chores enjoy a loving and lasting relationship.

And whenever another argument comes up, so do the hurtful feelings.

The words will become like a time-bomb waiting to explode.

Sometimes when you are in an argument, you use words that may hurt your partner because you are emotional at that moment.

Once the argument is over, the hurtful feelings from unnecessary words can still be there.

Some people fail in a relationship because they don’t learn the right way to cultivate and grow their relationship.