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Combined with CIA, which is what to write in a good Model UN speech, SEXC is the “how” to organize and present it.

Over the past years autonomous vehicles (AVs) have becomes more commonplace but they are far from safe.

People could be in danger and the loss of life is almost assured.

A statement needs to commit to something, even if it is as simple as “a triangle has three corners”- Australia is beautiful – because of the coral reef- Always fly American Airlines – because they have the lowest prices- No one should possess nuclear weapons – because if one is launched the damage would be catastrophic An example is a warranty that you bring as support to show that what you are talking about is true, and / or, to explain what you mean.

Even after decades of existence, there are still almost no electric charging stations.

People also do not know how to use them and think with their wallets. In this case, we see that there is an explanation but after that Canada starts giving further explanations, which have no relation to the first one Statement: AVs are not safe Explanation: Humans are still needed when sensors fail Explan 2: Not enough charging stations Explan 3: People do not want to spend a lot of money on cars / AVs Example: none Conclusion: none We can also see that explanations 2 and 3 do not even explain the statement.

There are also no examples, as we have no dates or data which shows it to be real world proof.

The following examples will look at different parts of the SEXC argument to help us understand the structure of an argument and how the different parts interrelate.