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Ebony sex dates in england

He and Draco once fight over who gets to 'shit next to her' (whether this is an intentional misspell with the intent to gain lulz, a genuine typo or a strange fetish of Tara's has polarised several stances on the quote).

She seems to also be suffering from some sort of respiratory ailment; possibly asthma, since she gasps, (or gosps or grasps) approximately once every three seconds or when a remotely (or not even) surprising event occurs.

She is also friends with the half-Japanese, half-vampire Proffesor Sinister.

Although Ebony is described as bisexual, she doesn't seem to have any sexual attraction at all to women in the story, although mentions Hogwarts being full of 'hot gurls' and describes Willow as having a 'nice body with big bobs and everyfing'.

They have sex in a "blak" movie theatre and then go to a Marilyn Manson concert to perform as 'XBlak XTear X', a support act.