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Baksheev and Natalia have rejected the charge, accepting to have killed only their waitress.

Moreover, the band have pushed themselves again, ensuring that it stands out from their catalog.

"Throughout our career we've tried to improve the precision of both our musical execution and our album production, while still maintaining full-on aggression.

Sidorov, police claimed, is close to Dmitry Baksheev, 35, who was arrested along with his wife, 42-year-old Natalia, on charges of murdering people and eating their flesh.

The couple were arrested from their residence in Krasnodar, some 90 miles away from Black Sea, after mortal remains and pickled human meat was found in their refrigerator.

"I think we managed to do that with 'Red Before Black' - it has some new ideas, but you'll also hear things on this album that would sound at home on our earlier releases.

We want to grow as a band while staying true to our roots".

"We just tried to write the best songs we could, and this is how they turned out." The aforementioned aggression, rawness and catchiness leap out from the speaker as soon as the listener hits play, "Only One Will Die" perhaps the most ruthless yet immediate album opener 2017 has seen.