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It’s almost as if the two families are taking their last chance to compete before they become one.

To Ashwin Kirtane, for allowing me to talk through anything at any time (He definitely should be on the NSLIY payroll).

To Manulal Bhaiya, the eccentric Vikram House attendant whose voice is endlessly entertaining and who is, beneath his completely inexplicable use of English phrases, extraordinarily kind.

To Monica Paul, who did, in fact, leave India roughly a month after arriving but encourages me anyway.

I also would like to apologize to the large group of people whose emails, messages, or calls I have failed to return over these ten months.

(Seriously, though, people on the internet will threaten horrible maiming over the smallest things – why have I not gotten any murderous comments yet?

) With less than two weeks to go here in India — one in Indore and the rest in Delhi at our final orientation, or disorientation, as my mom brilliantly refers to it — I’m not quite ready to reflect on my experience, but I am ready to say thank you to everyone who’s ever read this blog, or sent me an email or message, or generally supported me while I’ve been here. All of it has been a huge help, and without a lot of love from home and from here in India, I don’t think I ever would have made it the whole ten months of this program.

Then, I might make one more post after a year back in America, or I might post whenever some new similarity or difference strikes me. For now, let me just update you on what’s been happening since I last blogged (I love “to blog” as a verb).

Last Wednesday, Sam and I got final confirmation from AFS allowing us to go to Ajmer for my host cousin’s (Sharma side – My host father’s older brother’s daughter, Saloni’s) wedding.

A side note on Indian trains – one of the best things about them is the communal aspect.

It might not be so great for someone who’s used to not talking to strangers on buses or who likes to remain completely silent for hours at a time on a plane, but in India, the train is a raucous, friendly place where the cardinal sin is being antisocial.

I’m actually surprised I still get any views whatsoever on this blog.