Start Cacti poller not updating rrd files

Cacti poller not updating rrd files

Dev Ops teams use Tripwire to detect, prevent, and respond to cybersecurity threats quickly and confidently.

Due to the intensive work Dev Ops engineers and their teams complete on a daily basis, it’s important to always be on the lookout for tools to improve efficiency and productivity.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the day to dig for top-rated Dev Ops tools that fit the team. From tenured tools that have proven invaluable to the Dev Ops process to emerging tools created by developers to help fellow developers, here’s our curated list of the most reliable, relevant, secure, and useful Dev Ops tools out there.

Simplify log management and solve operational issues more quickly with little time or effort, thanks to Loggly. Apache Active MQ @The ASFThe Apache Software Foundation presents Apache Active MQ, a Dev Ops tool that is an open source messaging and integration patterns server.

Active MQ is useful because it is fast, supports several cross language clients and protocols, includes easy-to-use enterprise integration patterns, and fully supports JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4. Papertrail @papertrailapp Papertrail offers hosted log management and delivers real-time tail and search, alerts, text files and syslog, and encryption.

This extensible automation engine enables Dev Ops teams to integrate project changes more easily and access outputs for quickly identifying problems. Solar Winds Log & Event Manager @solarwinds Solar Winds offers IT management software and monitoring tools.

Dev Ops teams turn to their Log & Event Manager software when they need a solution for security, compliance, and troubleshooting. Vagrant @Hashi Corp Hashi Corp gives organizations the ability to provision, secure, and run any infrastructure for any application with their Suite, which includes Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Vault, Nomad, and Consul.

Pager Duty is an incident management solution supporting continuous delivery strategy and enabling Dev Ops teams to deliver high-performing apps and superior customer experiences. Prometheus @Prometheus IOPrometheus, an open-source service monitoring system and time series database, powers Dev Ops teams’ metrics and alerting. An open source intrusion prevention system, Snort is capable of real-time traffic analysis and packet logging.