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The Cartoon Network press kit character descriptions describe as Lazlo as "Imaginative, freethinking," and a "natural-born conformist".

The press kit states that Lazlo "enthusiastically spreads mischief and wacky shenanigans," uses "imagination and creativity" to solve problems, and vex Scoutmaster Lumpus with his "persistent happiness and optimism".

She said at the time: "I'm just going to say that I met somebody last year.

I had my first love, and it was something so incredible and indescribable."Starred with each other: 2003 to 2007Dated: 2003 to 2006These two managed to stay in a relationship on screen for at least half a season, even though they sadly broke up in real life after three years together.actress served as a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding.

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