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How to prevent the UE error code for Different Types Of Wash Loads: -Set the washer to bulky or to the large cycle for rugs, towels, sheets, blankets, or pillows.

Once the washer senses the overload and or imbalance, the washer will flash “u E”. If the washer is not successful after 3 tries, it will display or flash the UE code.

If the error code UE displays, it will require manual assistance to remedy the unbalanced load.1 – Tub Position/Level Washer: -Be sure the wash tub is in the correct position. -Check the plastic guard to see if it is shown more on one side than the other.

Where were these reviews and complaints when I researched and bought what I thought was the finest product on the market?

Clearly there is a “PROBLEM” with this LG product and needs to be a recall or class action lawsuit if anyone has the know how to get that started.

I’m going to check for loose parts underneath the washer this evening and pray that I find something to tighten and resolve this issue.

Otherwise it’s to the curb with this frustrating piece of appliance.

I’m so frustrated and dissatisfied with this LG product that if I cannot get it resolved at no cost by warranty or some other courtesy of LG I would rather spend another hundreds of dollars on anything other than LG to replace it and will discourage anyone from buying LG products. Reply Dan Clark, Yes sir we have heard many cases of frustration with LG washers.