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Almost all are capped by 1–8 mm of white diatomite that is interpreted as post-flow fall-out of resuspended diatom frustules.

Now owned and operated by Kiwis, the team at Donaghys are rightfully proud of their achievements.

Donaghys has a state of the art aerosol production line installed at its Innovation and Manufacturing Centre in Dunedin and is looking to expand its aerosol product range.

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Both brown and white laminae are composed essentially of frustules of a single pennate diatom, along with 1–2% of siliceous sponge spicules.

Dark laminae also contain abundant 5–7.5 µm diameter siliceous chrysophycean stomatocysts and organic matter.

Decalcified complete skeletons of , a southern hemisphere group of freshwater or diadromous fish, are found throughout.

Diverse well-preserved leaves, some with attached scale insects, are dominated by Lauraceae. Trace fossils preserved in the laminated comprise 1–1.5 mm wide pale diatomaceous strings of probable faecal origin, and isolated 20–40 mm diameter sand lenses interpreted as faecal remains of swimming waterfowl.

This full-time position will report directly to our Head Scientist and will be part of a small R&D team.

The successful applicant will also be part of a wider manufacturing team in Dunedin that produce a diverse range of products primarily for the Agricultural & Industrial sectors.

A freshwater diatomite deposit near Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand provides an exceptional archive of mid-latitude, seasonal climate variation during latest Oligocene-early Early Miocene time.