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While the descendants of her first child would end up being pretty normal and monkey-ish, as time passed, strange things began to happen with the lineage of the other.11 We’re not quite sure why, but over the next six million years, our ancestral line started to do something no creatures on Earth had ever done before—they woke up.

My weeks of research and discussions with Musk and others built me an in-depth, tree-trunk understanding of what’s happening in what I’m calling The Story of Humans and Space—one that has totally reframed my mental picture of the future (yet again).

Maybe if we can find the place where the ceiling meets the floor, we can poke our heads through and see all the super fun stuff on the other side.2 Around 10,000 years ago, isolated tribes of humans began to merge together and form the first cities.

In larger communities, people were able to talk to each other about this mystery novel we had found, comparing notes across tribes and through the generations. Until we realized that it wasn’t everything, it was this: Darkness.

In 1970, if you asked a child the same question, the answer would be, “an astronaut”—i.e. At the time, the Cold War was in full throttle, and the US and Soviets had their measuring sticks out for an internationally-televised penis-measuring contest.