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Furry sex chat sites

It’s a similar situation to how you should treat a celebrity, perhaps at a furry convention.

They are right that it’s different, but it’s not unfair… The men’s rights movement thinks that the genders should be treated equally.

(It’s even worse if you’re a furry lesbian.) This article is a guide to how a heterosexual male can maximize his chances of finding a furry girlfriend; without being a stalker, without pulling any pick-up-artistry nonsense, and without being creepy or otherwise contributing to the problem that’s keeping women away from the furry community.

It’s true that women are staying away from public furry gatherings, and they’re staying away because they are being harassed by men who are hoping to pick them up, talk to them, or just make friends.

Men’s-righters suggest that we should be gender-blind, which is the sort of bone-headed idealization of the real world that might inform a high-concept Star Trek episode.