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Adult chat room taboo

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"Mmm yes, pleasuring those stiff young dicks with our hands and mouths." Sarah said.

Her bare foot was arched, accentuating the muscles in her silky tan leg. A big mane of dark hair framed her pretty face as she gazed at me, watching my reaction. My attention was less on my husband those years and more on the teenage cutie down the hallway." "Trust me, I know what you mean." I said, almost ashamed to admit it. "Even more so now that they know the pleasure our bodies can give them." Gail said, stepping up beside me and taking sexy standing pose.

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"Absolutely dear, right back here in the corner." I followed her back to quite the assortment of skimpy swimwear. The traditional micro G string bikini or the micro sling-backs." The woman said. "Well it must also be a thrill for you moms...being on the receiving end of those young hard dicks. I'm hoping we get to fuck their pussies." The thought of boning my own beautiful mom made my hardon throb almost painfully in my shorts. "All I know is if Ryan doesn't make the team I'm gonna be heartbroken." Gail said. "Holy milk cannons girl, are your tits even covered? "There's no way my tits are staying in this bikini top." "Ha. "Might make them strokes their dicks even harder." Tora said making the group of us moms giggle. Like Gail's boobs, my huge tan tits were pretty much exposed, accept for the two triangular patches which barely covered my areola.

It was so cute how his eyes got big as he watched me pose in my naughty negligee. "Thanks girls." A mother's voice shouted across the room. I fluffed my mane of hair and rubbed my lips together, which were coated with a layer of pink lipstick. A big group of cars was parked out front of room 209, including mom's. A line of us horny guys rushed down the stairs and into the main room.

I loved the way his tongue hung out as he gawked at my body, beating his young erection furiously. Haha Gail Girl: yes, welcome to the bad club Michelle lol. "Sucking on my handsome boy's big teenage cock, nursing on that shiny cock-head...yummy! I peered down at my mile long cleavage, then over the swell of my breasts down at my pretty feet. R & B music was already playing and we formed a big circle, just like we had the day before.

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