Start Updating seat covers

Updating seat covers

Any DIYer can do a few mechanical upgrades to keep an aging truck on the road, and now has the option to update the interior to make the driving experience that much more enjoyable.

We wanted to update the tired interior of a ’06 Dodge Ram that was getting the full custom treatment at Devious Customs in Riverside, California. A direct replacement kit that was designed to fit our Ram, Coverking/Pecca had done their homework by digitally scanning the interior using 3-D imaging equipment to get the fit just right, and due to the natural wear characteristics and high-quality materials that are used, these kits are designed to last a good long time as well as age better than the factory set. These are the guys who do the leather upgrades for many of the dealerships around town.

Follow along as we guide you through this easy-to-install kit, and check out the Coverking/Pecca website to see what’s available for your truck’s worn-out interior.

Truck owners now wanted to have all the appointments in their cabin that make their trucks as enjoyable to drive as they are useful to have.

Ever since the truck market expanded into everyday life and has become as accessible as cars, the idea of having leather in a truck has become a normal factory option right there alongside a locking differential and trailer brake control.

Bonne Plat's cunning design is both cool and environmentally friendly.

Using the diffractive qualities of a series of milkbottles secured around a central core, the Milkbottle Chandelier offers a full, diffuse light and you only need a single bulb!

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Being more than just a slip on that gets bought at a local auto parts store, these kits began to evolve into full replacements for the original leather.

When buying a used truck, the condition of the interior can play just as much a factor as any other mechanical issue and the same goes for keeping a truck when it creeps into higher mileage territory.

Made from air plane triplex so ultra strong and light, the TC stool is perfect as an easy-to-manage occasional stool in the project market, it makes a practical and stylish addition to any home too.