Start Xbmc not updating library for tv shows

Xbmc not updating library for tv shows

Excluding HTTP sources means any streaming content will be ignore.

For example, ignore any shows your kids are watching so they don’t scrobble to your account.

Scrobbling should be on by default for movies and episodes.

After connecting your account, Kodi will refresh and display the plugin configuration screen.

Notice in the top User line, it displays your connected username on the right side.

In regards to option, this will remove items from your collection that don’t exist in Kodi anymore.

This is generally ok if you only use Kodi, but you might not want to do this if you track your physical media collection or have other media centers connected.

If you’re already signed into the website, you’ll see the screen below asking for the code displayed in Kodi.

If you’re not signed into the website, you’ll need to sign in with your account, or create a new one.

It also helps us cover server costs to keep everything up an running.

Genesis Add-on for XBMC and Kodi Banners " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" /If you use Kodi (formerly XBMC), chances are this tutorial is going to blow your mind… If you download TV show episodes and movies via Usenet/Sickbeard/SAB, those video files would be stored on a hard drive that is set as a video library source for TV and for Movies.

If you want to re-connect to a different account, choose the How do I authorize… You shouldn’t need to adjust anything else on this tab.