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Black fro white dating

All you can manage to do is hit her with some major side-eye and think, It’s a playful analogy, but it illustrates the main reason people reacted so strongly to Stevens’ post: It seemed to suggest that her experience was just the same as a natural-haired black woman’s.

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You go swimsuit shopping with your friend who has a body like, say, Halle Berry's.

If they want to hop on this train, come on.” The stylist further explains that, though changing images in the natural-hair community could be a problem, her number-one concern is that her clients achieve self-acceptance.

Its proprietor, Syreeta Scott, is a celebrity stylist and natural-hair-community veteran, and her salon has been a hub of the movement for years.

“About 85% of my clients don’t like the direction in which the natural-hair movement is going," she notes.

We want to move beyond the restrictive place we were before,” says Tharps.