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About Libero Vision Fully acquired by Vizrt, Libero Vision provides integrated hardware and software products to generate unique 3D imagery for several types of sports broadcasts.

Metadata, such as short text, can be exported and then rendered by Viz Engine.

Libero Vision analysis can reach videowalls, virtual sets and can be distributed to mobile devices by using the device-optimized delivery of video to all devices.

Libero Vision’s powerful 3D annotations work in the same way as Libero Highlight, seamlessly combining live camera feeds.

All major annotations are included, such as arrows, areas, player marks, etc.”Instead of a typical replay, Libero Playbook provides its users with the option of telling the viewer at home exactly why a player’s movement disrupted his team’s entire offensive – or why a tiny movement of the ball prevented his defense from conceeding,” said Stephan Würmling Stadler, CEO at Libero Vision.

For sharing nice pictures, reporting interesting experiences, thanking (or blaming) the developers, or just bragging on your last results, follow the official facebook Mesh Lab page.

Remember: do not ask technical questions on facebook.

And as of September 2011, Vizrt will also offer an interactive sports studio application enabling the Viz Engine renderer to smoothly interact with Libero Highlight clips.

Analysts and presenters can interact with the Libero clips using a touch screen, for example showing arrows on the field, highlighting certain players, and describing their movement, all in perspective and tied to the field.

“The product is our direct response to a huge demand in the market.

We feel confident that both new and existing customers will appreciate the extra dimension it adds to in-game analysis.”Key Features of Libero Playbook: All Libero Vision products come as one-box-solutions for easy integration into a production environment.

Through its Viz Engine real-time renderer and Viz Trio CG software, Vizrt already supports bringing Libero Highlight clips into a Vizrt workflow.