Start Dating a sikh

Dating a sikh

Amritdhari Khalsa Sikhs are enjoined to wear five articles of faith, the 5K’s.

I would really appreciate some guidance and your opinion on my thoughts.

(Guru Granth Sahib, p.83) This is another one of those aspects of personal choice that some Amritdhari people will criticise.

If we look at Sikh history then we notice that some Gurus lived very simple lifestyles and other lived like royalty.

This is incorrect because living as a Sikh requires a commitment to improve yourself and your community throughout your life.

Amrit delivers a promise of spiritual growth with the condition that the prescribed discipline is maintained as much as possible.

But if this is exhibited as pride then this will be destructive for the individual.

Sikhism teaches to always remain humble and never to judge someone else in a negative way.

I have been trying to develop a stronger game to attract women along with trying to build a more grounded and deeper inner self by watching You Tube videos, reading blogs, books, etc.