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He says it was “a mockery of a car—an old Romanian imitation of the Soviet C, so we were nearly frozen solid when we got back to my place.” One night, still not a Christian, he was booked to do the translating after he had spent 4–5 hours surveying in a mine which, he says, “was so full of gases that the open flame of a carbide lamp would not burn.

We had no dubbing facilities, so I had to do the translation live, 47 times in all.

After a while I was very familiar with the visuals, and I preferred facing the audience while translating.

He has personal experi­mental know­ledge of very rapid rates of growth — even lab vessels used to collect drip water have become covered in a thick layer of calcite rock within less than 10 years.

Growth rates for stalag­mites of several cm per year have been measured.

I recall asking Flory, who was reading her Bible regularly, when she was going to finish ‘that book’.

I believe it was then that God began to work on me.” arrived in Romania on video, “secretly seeing it became a noble act of resistance to the regime,” says Emil.

I couldn’t help but notice the profound impact all this was having on people.” One night they had to travel to a secret location 46 km (29 miles) away.

To minimize the chances of detection, Emil was taken there in one car, a Mercedes, and driven back in a different vehicle.

Given what is known about karst processes, this is virtually inconceivable. This would mean that the whole duration of the Quater­nary needs to be greatly com­pressed.

Present­ly, I regard my ‘datings’ as merely confir­ming that speleo­them growth fluctuated with the colder and warmer stages of the last stage of the Ice Age, not as accurate datings in any absolute sense.” Dr Silvestru explained to us that, even using such ‘way too old’ dating methods, no karstologists today would talk of ‘millions of years’ to form cave structures—even by conven­tional dating methods, the oldest accepted ‘date’ is about 600 years.

Transylvania—to Hollywood-soaked Western ears, the name of this Romanian province is likely to conjure up haunting images of swirling mists, vampire bats, and black-caped aristocrats with thick Bela Lugosi accents.