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Military insiders told the that Djibouti would not be China’s sole overseas military base, with Beijing planning to explore the possibility of more foreign military outposts in Africa, the Middle East and other areas to protect its expanding overseas interests in the Indian Ocean region.

China became the second-largest contributor to the UN’s peacekeeping budget, behind the United States, last year and currently has troops involved in nine UN peacekeeping operations.

Six of them are in Africa – in Mali, Liberia, South Sudan, Darfur, Democratic Republic of Congo and Western Sahara.

Zhou said China had become a regular source of so-called enabling units – the special forces, engineering, transport, communications, and aviation troops that could help make UN peacekeeping operations more professional.

Unlike the earlier Pan Liang coins it had a raised rim to prevent filing.

“China’s bigger role in peacekeeping operations is an indication of Beijing’s ability to protect its global influence,” Li said.

“Peacekeeping missions have become one of China’s brands, similar to Beijing’s role in the Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), showing China’s hard and soft power.” The belt and road plan is an global geoeconomic strategy led by Beijing to improve trade and economic integration across Asia, Europe and Africa, while the AIIB is a China-led multilateral lender that aims to support the building of infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Therefore, going out to take part in [peacekeeping missions] will surely be effective training, which is completely different from the drills they have been experiencing at home.” Han Xinkai, who served with Chinese peacekeepers sent to South Sudan in 2013, during a civil war in the African country, agreed with Zhou, saying the reality of peacekeeping operations was more challenging than what they had learned at home.