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And then I caressed her sides, touching the sides of her breasts with my fingertips.

So we invited her to come over spend a week with us in our house in France, a beautiful quiet place for ourselves, no neighbors for miles. The second day the weather wasn't so fine, raining and all. I showered first and covered myself with a large towel. I went inside the sauna, but looked at both women through the small window in the door. They were both about the same height, and had feminine broad hips. My wife then spread open her towel and lay down on her back.

I moved over to one side, so that Mom had enough space to do the same.

"Does Vera always get a bit excited from your massages", she said. "You must have felt my excitement too, and it definitely left me unsatisfied" I looked her in the eyes I knew what she wanted.

And a tingle in my groin told me that at least a big part of my body wouldnt mind giving it to her. "It must've been hard being alone for all this time" She kissed my palm.

I even noticed that she spread her legs a little to allow me to massage her there. My erection subsided and I just hoped nobody had noticed too much.

I hesitated My wife was resting with her eyes almost closed and with a slight smile on her lips and didnt seem to be concerned at what I was doing. But as Mom left the sauna a bit sooner than us, my wife smiled and said, "I hadn't imagined you'd get so excited giving mum a massage". "Oh sure, we dont keep anything a secret from each other.

But hadnt my own wife said it was okay okay to do what? But I got excited when I realized what was happening. I held her close with one arm, while my hand was exploring her left breast.