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Supported Scanners: CHS Series 7 (see release notes for supported models) CHS Series 8 CRS Series 9 Supported Platforms: Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Windows Mobile 6.1/6/5.0 File Size: 12 MB Language(s): English Posted Date : 10/30/2014 Socket Scan 10 for Android Socket Scan 10 is a scanner keyboard wedge that provides basic scanner connection management, transferring scanned barcodes to the active application running on your Android device as though they were typed directly from a keypad.

The depositional age of tsunami deposits is commonly constrained by the radiocarbon (C) dating of sediments above and below the geological event.

However, because of calibration curve fluctuations, the depositional age sometimes has a wide error range.

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We constrained the depositional age of the paleotsunami deposits better using this method than we did when using conventional methods.

We proposed an efficient measurement strategy with respect to the radiocarbon calibration curve.

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