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Josh farro hayley williams dating

In public the two claim to be „just friends.” Birth Name: Zachary Wayne Family Name: Farro Born: 4 June 1990 Eye color: brown Hair color: brown Place of Birth: Voorhees Township, New Jersey Place of Residence: Nashville At the age of 14 Zac Farro was a founding member of Paramore.

Birth Name: Hayley Nichole Family Name: Williams Born: 27 December 1988 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Eye color: green Natural hair color: shady blond Height: 5’2″ Place of Birth: Meridian, MS Place of Residence: Nashville/Los Angeles Aged 14, Williams moved to Franklin along with her family.

A few weeks later, she took up singing lessons with Brett Manning.

Another fun fact is, that Hayley signed an agreement with AMAX Agency in 2001.