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Amurri dating

For example, the other day my mom and I took Marlowe to the Natural History Museum and she was constantly asked to take photos with her fans. I was on this terrible first date with another guy at a hotel bar and it was pretty obvious that I was not enjoying myself.

At the end of the day she was just my mom and it simply was what it was.

Refreshingly open, completely candid and unbelievably funny – Coco Rocha, a fellow Mom Crush, even told us she is her favorite mom to follow on instagram – Eva and I spent hours chatting about her recently launched blog, along with the realities of motherhood, growing up in the public eye and what it means to embrace humor in your everyday life, has us captivated and heading back on the daily.

@thehappilyeva Photos Courtesy: Eva Amurri Martino When I transitioned into motherhood, I was trying to find balance and figure out what it meant to be a loving wife and great mom all the while maintaining my own identity, career and the desire to do it all.

My parents were in the public eye and with that there are positives and negatives.