Start I gave up dating

I gave up dating

Fortunately, after a week, the pain went away, and I felt back to normal.

Despite having a ton of fun, it still felt sh*tty not having accomplished anything I'd set out to do this year.

So I decided to do something I’d never done before: give up online dating for 40 days. I’m an extremely happy, outgoing person, but during the first few days, a dark cloud came over me.

Painful things that I hadn’t thought about for years—including mistakes I’d made in relationships—started to flood my mind.

But online dating can do dangerous things to one’s ego.

Having a partner is an important part of a full, happy life, but it’s definitely not the the important part.

I spent some more time evaluating my performance at work, being a better friend (who wasn’t too busy with dates!

But during my dating detox, I forced myself to sit with these very uncomfortable thoughts.