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Certain fringe elements in the Right also attack me about this subject because I oppose the negative identity of Ukrainian “nationalism” (i.e.

Do you believe Russia is responsible for Donald Trump’s presidential victory?

Do you believe Russia is trying to undermine Western democracy?

When this generalizing and sensationalizing media strategy is applied to Muslim communities in the West after a terrorist attack carried out by Wahhabi / Salafi extremists, many call it “Islamophobia” and argue that most Muslims are peaceful. Likely due to various types of pressure from the neocon and neoliberal establishment, despite election promises, Donald Trump has expanded military presence (including airstrikes) in just about every combat theater that he inherited from the previous administration. In general, it’s certainly enjoyable to watch Trump go after certain establishment-media sources.

But apart from that, despite his financial independence and coming across as a different kind of presidential candidate, he appears to be business as usual: He failed to drain that proverbial swamp.

When I mention traditional values, I am not referring to the progressive caricature of living in a mud hut and giving up modern dentistry—or freezing time.

I am talking about maintaining and passing on specific values and timeless ideas that were produced by and benefit each particular civilization.

For instance, a highly intelligent American armed with a Ph D would likely not survive deep in the Amazon for long the way its native tribes would.

This false principle of generalized superiority vs.

A pragmatic world would be one of multipolarity, in which people of different ethnocultural backgrounds are able to embrace their respective traditions rather than be swept up by the Borg of homogenizing globalization.

It is difficult to measure superiority or inferiority of a peoples. I am not referring to complete relativism of comparing abstract expressionism to Leonardo da Vinci, but rather about accounting for contextual differences.

Do you think there’s any connection between the alt-right and Russia?