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However, at times, I consider his actions insufficiently assertive in the geopolitical realm, whereas domestic economic policies—are too (lowercase-“L”) liberal.

A pragmatic world would be one of multipolarity, in which people of different ethnocultural backgrounds are able to embrace their respective traditions rather than be swept up by the Borg of homogenizing globalization.

It is difficult to measure superiority or inferiority of a peoples. I am not referring to complete relativism of comparing abstract expressionism to Leonardo da Vinci, but rather about accounting for contextual differences.

It is eyebrow-raising that Liberal pundits who oppose immigration restriction often support Washington’s worst warmongering initiatives.

In their twisted world, curtailing immigration in favor of domestic workers is a sin worse than bombing and killing thousands of non-Western foreigners in their own homes.

I know you’ve repeatedly said that you call for multipolarity and don’t believe in ethnic cleansing, but I’m confused as to how your husband can create the “ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans,” that he always talks about without eradicating other races. This thinking is based on large civilization blocs (see various civilizational theories by Spengler, Huntington, Danilevsky, Leontiev, et al) and the way each indigenous peoples within those blocs could best assert their authentic identity (identities). There are some recent examples of fairly peaceful separations, as was the case of post-Soviet Czechoslovakia split, as well as some violent ones, for instance the ethnic cleansing of Russians from Central Asia and parts of the Caucasus after 1991. For instance, Washington’s / NATO’s actions led and continue to lead to actual ethnic cleansing, be it what happened in the 1990s-early 2000s to the former Yugoslavia and the carving out of the organ-trafficking terrorist-breeding “state” of Kosovo in the middle of Europe with great and continued damage done to Serbs or the ethnic and religious cleansing of Christians in the Middle East as a direct result of Washington’s ongoing wars of intervention, starting with Iraq.

To these pundits, words are more inflammatory than actions.

I think a lot of people were horrified by this viral Vice documentary from Charlottesville because it sort of confirmed people’s worst fears about the alt-right movement in America.