Start Dating site for dieters

Dating site for dieters

She didn't mince words, and neither did some of her respondents. She was ready to quit until she could wear a size 6.

Then impress your date by rattling off a list of options instead of having the dreaded “I don’t know; where do feel like eating? Nibbling on a high-protein snack an hour or two before you meet up can take the edge off your appetite and your nerves.

It'll hurt even more because you'll think, "If no one wants me , after all this, how could anyone ever?

" (Find out why getting rejected is critical to the process.) My advice to Jen was to keep doing what she was doing: Staying active, eating well, and reaching out, setting up dates, meeting people wherever she goes.

Here's why: Because if she waited for this, she'd likely come up with another excuse later for deferring. Does that mean she should abandon her weight loss goal? But her efforts to change her life and body are not mutually exclusive from efforts to meet people, nor do they have to be sequential. Dating is a process and it's ongoing, and there's no better time to start than now. The idea that you should "work on yourself" before you start dating is what I call living in the future perfect tense. This notion that you'll be perfect in the future is crazy -- and confers a ton of pressure on you to be the perfect weight, to look a certain way, you endeavor to connect with another person.