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Online dating unitarian universalist

I just made a pledge in the Fall of 2014, and I’m being asked to pledge again. You can change your pledge now or keep it as it is – the choice is yours.

All pledging and contributing members and friends of UUCA will be contacted once each year to review their continuing pledge. Because UUCA has moved to year-round pledging, all of our pledging and contributing members and friends are now divided into 12 groups, one for each month of the year. Each month, members of that Generosity Circle receive printed information about UUCA’s activities and finances and are contacted by Generosity Circle Callers to review their pledging plans for the next year. Year-round pledging should help even out the staff and volunteer time needed to help make generosity a normal and customary activity at UUCA.

And as an extra benefit, since we no longer conduct a massive pledge campaign in the Fall, it clears UUCA’s calendar for other happenings and activities.

Several other large UU churches have adopted year-round pledging, and we thought it was worth a try. That’s a question only you can answer, but we encourage you to think about what UUCA means to you and then review the Fair Share Generosity Guide to help you decide.

Almost 80% of all UUCA expenses are paid by the continuing pledges of our members and friends. The salaries we pay our ministers and staff, our building expenses, and our program costs don’t stop at the end of the year.

To help pay these expenses, we encourage everyone to agree to make financial support for UUCA a regular, ongoing activity, and we ask that your pledge be open ended, with no expiry date.

We’re encouraging everyone to give 5% or more of monthly income, if possible.

When congregations are supported at this level they have the financial foundation to meet their financial responsibilities to ministers and staff, to keep their buildings and grounds safe, accessible and attractive and to be responsive to the needs of their members, friends, visitors and the wider community through worship, programs and outreach.

Join us for Sunday services each week in our air-conditioned sanctuary at 11 am and for our coffee hour afterwards. Summer services are followed by a potluck coffee hour.