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Online dating and conjugal bereavement

Once we have been notified that you are commencing an unpaid leave, the Benefits section of Human Resources will send a letter to your home address requesting that you indicate the benefits you want to maintain, and request the payments of the premiums through post-dated cheques.

If you are an active member of the Pension Plan, address changes made through ESS or your department’s Business Officer are recorded on the Human Resources Information System at the beginning of each month and will be transferred to Pension Services.

If you are a member of the Green Shield Health and Dental Plans you should ensure that you indicate your new address on your next claim submitted to Green Shield.

Coverage for your child can be continued up to age 25 if he/she is continuously enrolledand in full-time attendance at an accredited educational institution that provides a recognized certificate of accreditation on completion.

Each fall the Benefits section of Human Resources sends you a letter asking you to confirm that your overage dependant is still enrolled full-time in qualifying studies.

Some leaves such as maternity and parental leave provide for continuation of the employer subsidy.

If it is an unpaid leave of more than one month duration, you will have the option to maintain most benefits and your participation in the pension plan by paying both the employer and employee portion of the contributions for any plans you want to maintain during your approved unpaid leave.

We then describe research showing how several patterns of narrative identity correspond to this extended notion of eudaimonic well-being.

First, people at high levels of eudaimonic well-being tend to emphasize personal growth in their life stories, with different kinds of personal growth corresponding to different facets of eudaimonic well-being.

Details can be found in your Pension Plan brochure.

What you need to consider: Depending on the type of leave of absence, as outlined in your collective agreement or employment policy (medical, maternity, parental, unpaid, layoff, etc), you may have the option to continue coverage for your pension and benefit plans.

You should also review your beneficiary information for your Pension, Life Insurance and Green Shield benefits plans, and make changes as required.