Start Accommodating terrorism an offence against the law of nations

Accommodating terrorism an offence against the law of nations

I’ll call it an impolite conservative argument, conservative in the sense of preserving a relatively tranquil status quo and impolite insofar as it acknowledges an uncomfortable race-related truth.

What makes management imperative is the possibility of violence either at an individual level, for example, randomly stabbing total strangers, or on a larger scale, riots and insurrections.

Thus, in the grand scheme of modern America’s potentially explosive race relations, academically accomplished Asians, most of whom are politically quiescent, are expendable, collateral damage in the battle to sustain a shaky status quo.

For liberals it was all about keeping our cherished diversity or helping the disadvantaged; conservatives meanwhile lectured on merit-based admissions or how preferences will stigmatize beneficiaries of preferential treatment. Without exception, regardless of the speaker’s ideology, everything offered was the usual pabulum and, no doubt, the speeches will be resurrected again given that racial preferences are unlikely to vanish.

There is, however, one argument justifying putting a heavy thumb on the scale for blacks that is unspeakable, at least publicly.

A sampling of cities with major riots includes Rochester, NY, New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Los Angeles, CA, Cleveland, OH, Newark, NJ, Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC and several smaller cities.

The damage from these riots— “uprisings” or “rebellions” according to some—was immense.

For example, the Detroit riot of 1967 lasted five days and quelling it required the intervention of the Michigan Army National Guard and both the 82 Airborne divisions.

When it finally ended, the death toll was 43, some 7200 were arrested and more than 2000 buildings destroyed.

Alas, much of this devastation remains visible today and should be a reminder of what could happen absent a policy of cooling out black anger.

To correctly understand how racial preferences at elite colleges serves as a cost-effective solution to potential domestic violence, recall the quip by comedian Henny Youngman when asked “How’s your wife? ” This logic reflects a hard truth: when confronting a sizable, potentially disruptive population unable or unwilling to assimilate, a perfect solution is beyond reach.

Choices are only among the lesser of evils and, to repeat, under current conditions, race-driven affirmative action is conceivably the best of the worst.