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Sex chat with nairobi girls

During the day, Koinange Street is a one-stop-shop for honorable ’business’.

Here, young teens are taught the art of lovemaking by aunts or peers. An encounter with twilight girls confirms that most have a don’t-care attitude. Likoko is concerned that some aged 16 and 17 are violent. They account casually of a kill or a stab,” she adds. “Her son must know that his mother is up to no good. Eunice Likoko is a Social worker at Full Circle, a ministry that was inspired by the likes of Africa Reaching Africa and Women at Risk (based in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia) who are walking a journey of reclaiming the lives of Commercial Sex Workers. Full circle is an initiative of Mamlaka Hill Chapel.

The new girls are easy to spot and therefore marketable. The Vision of the Church in mid 2006 was to reach out to communities within a one-kilometer radius. “Rehabilitation of street girls is not a game of numbers”, says Likoko.

This office has staff members who help students adjust to life in the University.

A brown-eyed social worker strolls across a Nairobi Street that is Koinange (K-street), in the dead of a cold-July night. Girls are being arrested, and ferried to the Police station nearby.

Yet another of Nelly’s clients aged 17, cannot tell the number of partners she has had or whether she used protection in each encounter. They prefer night jobs when their services can be done at their own terms and place of choice.

In this, clients eventually return home to their wives. From the coastal region of Kenya to the dilapidated back streets of River Road or shanties at Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi, sex workers can be as young as 11 or as old as 60.

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