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We call it the Grand Canyon.”), plopping his dough on a geyser by the Yellowstone River so the heat will help it rise, uprooting a fir tree to use as a whisk for an egg-yolk bath, yanking off the top of Mount St. Lush, old-timey illustrations with a sense of humor depict Sam’s coast-to-coast creative process.

(Ages 3-7) by Gloria Koster, illustrated by Sue Eastland.

Nayberg’s sophisticated, intensely colored, theatrical illustrations enhance the lovely writing.

A costume and set designer, she brings the drama and intensity of stained-glass windows to her work.

Exhibit B is Harvard Law School not providing housing for female students.

Exhibit C is Ruth not being allowed to enter the periodical room at the library—where a book necessary for a class is kept—because she’s a woman.

Ruthie, in her bright red puffer, sets off for Bubbe’s to make latkes.

When a pesky wolf pops up, Ruthie tells him she’ll be much tastier after eight days of carb-loading.

And yay to publishers looking beyond the Holocaust and the shtetl. ) (Ages 0-2) PICTURE BOOKS We’ve already discussed the beautifully illustrated, soothing by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Stacey Innerst. Rendered in gouache, ink, and Photoshop, it looks super-painterly without being old-fashioned.