Start Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating

Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating

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Note: I originally was going to do 10, but I have so many favorites, I had to up it to 20. So much needs to be said about these beautiful couples! JACK & KATE (“Jate”) / LOST LOST ended 5 years ago and I still think about these two constantly.

And if you disagree with any of them, I won’t take offense (well, except Lucy & Ricky. Before Jate, I had never “shipped” a couple as much as I did these two (before them, I had never even heard the word “ship” used as a verb).

As the years went on, they even developed the same facial expressions, the same movements, and if Kate would start to form tears, Jack would follow right along with her.

Yes, Matthew might be a perfectionist and probably drove Evi crazy at times by demanding rehearsal time, but it was for the best.

Keisha has shoulder length brown hair and big brown eyes.

She has tattoos on her neck, foot and sides and has her nose and cute little belly button pierced.

Nevertheless, we could tell this show would be a more of a romance than a sci-fi, superhero show (after all, the special effects for Superman were sometimes laughable).