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Natural remedies cannot claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease by law without a FDA evaluation and this is not what we are doing.

It’s meant to build the strongest defense against RLS and that process - that natural process - takes time.

Many report that their discomfort diminishes with the first dose, but as the rest of Restavin goes to work, that discomfort should diminish more and more with each passing day. The refund is no questions asked, but it’s on the honor system.

For every story and testimonial you’ll find about someone suffering from RLS, you’ll find another about someone overcoming, persevering, and living a fuller and more meaningful life than ever before.

(Read on to hear how these people beat their RLS and got back to living their lives .) When symptoms get really bad, most finally get fed up and try to do something about it.

First, they’ll make their way to a doctor for a diagnosis and pretty much always hear this: “Take these powerful (probably ” Many stop here, they take their medicine and hope for the best.

But...a few stubborn ones (like you if you’re on this page), continue to research to see if there are any other options. What ACTUALLY Happens When I’m Stuck Tossing and Turning from RLS?

Now, inflammation is a completely normal to some degree; when you stub your toe or get an infection, your body swells that area and begins the natural healing process.

But here’s the problem, and here’s why I’m serious when I say “it’s not your fault”...

While we take the utmost pride in our product and its ability to encourage your return to health, we always recommend seeking professional advice.

If a condition persists, please contact your physician.

” Restless Legs Syndrome has long been a mysterious condition, invisible to the naked eye for so long that the medical community was left scratching their heads..a lot has changed since then, and recent discoveries point to a promising new culprit: Inflammation This discovery came about when researchers looked for the conditions associated with RLS, and what they found shocked them: Even more surprising, only 43% were associated with iron deficiency!