Start Aries woman dating a scorpio man

Aries woman dating a scorpio man

No one can turn on the charm better than an Aries man who is in love!

An immature Aries can be head over heels in love every other day with someone new.

If he's learned how to develop relationships and understands the rewards of nurturing a serious love relationship, his impulsive nature manifests as spontaneity and openness to new experience.

He has a double standard about a lot of things because his emotions are fixed on 'me'.

Aries wants a playmate more than a soulmate; someone who can meet and match his energy and enthusiasm, and who won't hesitate to yell at him to stop when he gets carried away. If an Aries commits to marriage, it will take something drastic to make him stray. However, he is self-centred and if he feels his needs are not being met (particularly sexual needs), he may see nothing wrong with moving on.

An immature Aries can be infantile about sexuality; he wants what he wants now and can't comprehend why his partner's needs should matter to him.

If he is in love with a strong woman who can stand up for herself, he can learn the hard way 'no means no.' A partner who can hold her own will command his respect; the danger is he will take advantage of someone with weak self esteem and poor boundaries.

Depending on what else is going on in his chart (Moon, ascendant, other planets, aspects, and houses), he may give up quickly or persevere for a while, but patience and persistence are not his strong points.