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Evan lysacek tanith belbin still dating

(GLAAD called them on it - no results) Skate Canada started up its "Tough" Campaign 1 year before the 2010 Olympics.

I thought it was interesting that Battle of the Blades flew Johnny Weir up to Canada to appear on the show for 3 minutes. I wonder if the Mo's at the CBC are starting to get freaked out about the homophobic leanings of this show? The correct answer was that he had started a campaign to make Canadian male figure skating more butch." There are butch gay guys you know? The Dyke side is strong in Paul and one of these days, he is going to directly stand up to Skate Canada, more so than Johnny Weir, who is more of a passive aggressive Rebel.

American figure skater, Rachell Flatt, is also an Evangelical Christian.

Stars on Ice refused to hire Johnny Weir because he was not "family friendly".

To his credit, the contestant, Elvis Costello, picked the wrong answer. Charlie White one of the few actual straight figure skaters.