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Conceited men dating

Arrogant people speak down to and dismiss those who disagree with them. Between the centuries of socialization to nurture, layered on top of strong genetics to “nest,” women tend to quickly jump into various caretaker roles when they begin to feel more commitment in a relationship. After counseling many couples, one of the largest sources of frustration for women and, ultimately, termination of the relationship is an imbalance of responsibility and contribution.

Of course her behaviour was not that common because the majority of people feel insecure.

An arrogant person on the other hand is a person who fears rejection and who cares about the opinion of others.

They treat others in an arrogant way because they are not sure that they will approve them.

Had they been sure that they would have been approved by others, in other words had they been secure, they would have been as friendly as the girl in the example above.

We were in a public place and suddenly this very attractive girl came in.

Whenever her eyes met the eyes of any other person she smiled to him gently.

A friend of mine then came and told me "Hey Farouk, what's with this pretty girl who is smiling to everyone".

For my friend that seemed like a weird behaviour but for me it seemed like a perfectly healthy behaviour that is rare nowadays.

” Sometimes, but it is not for the reasons you may think. Arrogant people engage in conflicts by inflating their own experiences, “talking big” and throwing insults. Essentially, she wants a partner who is able to support her when she is in her most vulnerable pre and post-baby states. Women are looking more at independence, confidence, establishment in society, establishment in career, and responsiveness to other’s needs.

Confident people seek understanding, even when they disagree, and seek compromise and relatedness. Physical health does matter, but less for reasons related to sexual attractiveness and more related to performance, health and ability to endure hard times. It is healthy for couples to take care of and support one another, but only to a limit.

Most people ultimately seek security in a relationship.