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The driver, Jimmy Nickerson, wanted to wait until the car could be repaired, but he was told that the parts from Los Angeles had not arrived and that he'd have to "make do.""The last thing I remember before the crash was somebody yelling, 'Faster! When members of the crew got to the scene of the accident, they found Heidi unconscious, her head hanging limply on her chest, her neck crushed.

The steering barely functioned, and the clutch and speedometer didn't work.

To make matters worse, the vehicle had no seat belts. Her car, in which she was a passenger operating the smoke machine to make the car look as if it was on fire, slammed head-on into the first in the line of onrushing cars, and she was hurtled into the windshield.

One of the last things he said to Heidi was, "Do you want to go, too? "We were optimistic about the future."The sisters took in boarders to help defray the cost of round-the-clock nurses and mounting medical bills. They were making ends meet -- and making their mortgage -- when, in March 2007, just before the national financial crises hit, they renegotiated their loan with Indy Mac Bank, a subprime lender, and were told they would be able to refinance after a year.

Before the year was up, the bank collapsed."Only in the last few months has the truth surfaced that the mortgage on our house was thrown into a default pool for liquidation," Heidi says. And the mortgage on our home was sold on the stock market to foreign investors without our even knowing."Last year, Indy Mac's assets were taken over by One West Bank, which now wants to take back their home.

Max seduces wealthy men into marrying her, then Page seduces them into infidelity so Max can rake them over the divorce court coals. The film was originally entitled "The Breakers", after the swank Palm Beach, Florida resort.

The company passed on the rights to include their name as the title of the movie, and removed all clear association with the production - except that they allowed MGM to film on the hotel's premises.

Heidi von Beltz was a stunning 24-year-old actress and world-class skier in 1980 when she got a call from her boyfriend, "Cannonball Run" stunt coordinator Bobby Bass, to head to the desert outside Las Vegas and double for the film's female lead, Farrah Fawcett.