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Inmate dating online

Sheriff's officials describe the 5-foot, 10-inch, 160-pound Jacobs as a potential threat to himself, jail staff, other inmates, and even parts of the jail itself every time he was locked up.

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He claims they also denied him recreation time, personal hygiene products, newspapers and sunlight — in one case, for more than a year."All of the conditions …

continue to deteriorate my mental, emotional and physical well being," he wrote in his legal claim against the county.

That's one of dozens of times he's been jailed in the county.

Jacobs' lawyer and the county's insurance company reached an agreement this month after meeting with a mediator.

Sheriff John Gossage, in a brief interview earlier this week, said the changes "were implemented with great swiftness." He did not elaborate.

County Board Chairman Patrick Moynihan said the most significant change is that inmates will no longer be placed in isolation for more than 10 days."For the public, it's a hard thing to know that a bad actor is going to pocket a sizable amount of money — the guy's going to fall into a sizable sum, and that's unfortunate," Moynihan said.

"It's not like (jail staff) did anything wrong on purpose."But this is a land of laws, and this can't happen again.

It won't happen again."County supervisors do not have to sign off on the settlement since they previously signed off on having its insurance carrier negotiate legal settlements, Hemery said.

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