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I’m currently on OKCupid but the guys who message me leave a lot to be desired (the first guy I met was just in it for casual sex, which is fine but not what I’m looking for and the second guy ended up being incredibly anti-Semitic).

I’ve read them but I’m still wondering about something...

I’ve been considering getting a paid membership on a dating site for “larger people.” The thing is I’m just worried that a large proportion of the members are fetishists.

Within a day he had received three "smiles," which members send to express their interest in getting to know each other.

Teich thought little of his decision until he wrote to the site's customer service staff about a problem he was having using the site.

He said Teich violated the company's terms of service by changing the gender on his profile.

He said he might file a complaint against the company with civil rights authorities in Seattle.

For me, the answer is always the same: “I like all types of guys.” I mean, if I’m on a date with you, it’s because I’m open to dating you, no matter what you look like. So, are you trying to make me to cry on our first date?