Start Dating mxr distortion pedal

Dating mxr distortion pedal

In the pedal world there are many dirt pedals that have multiple tone controls, bias knobs, switches to choose between germanium or silicon chips, boost features, etc. With just two controls, what you get is a pure tone that harkens back to the ‘70’s and ‘80s when distorted guitars ruled the world.

I realize this is a replica of the original, but I wonder if it possible to take the original design and upgrade it for today’s musician?

I may be in the minority, but I have a hard time believing these “extra” features would alter the tone in any way.

The brighter, snarling growl of the Distortion will make those darker neck pickups come alive.

Conversely, bright bridge pickups can sound shrill quickly. Simple to use, yet you can achieve many different classic tones with it. But if you want to get your ‘70’s -‘80’s vibe on, this might be just the ticket.

My favorite settings had the volume around 3 o’clock with the distortion level between noon and 3.

Another way to coax better tone out of this pedal is to roll back your guitar’s volume control.

There is no LED to tell you whether the pedal is on or off, no 9v power supply option (only a 9v battery will work - not provided), and you have to unscrew the back plate to insert a new battery.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this back-to- basics approach.

At that point you get that gritty, heavier blues tone; sort of a Black Keys meet Black Sabbath.

With the gain cranked to around 3 o’clock, I backed off the volume knob and found a heavier tone I liked, but it’s a loose sounding distortion, almost moving into the fuzz face or muff realm.

Maybe that’s not the point and I’m just missing it. Frankly I wasn’t sure about this pedal when I first played it.