Start Jessica stam dating anthony kiedis

Jessica stam dating anthony kiedis

I’ve tried to back up comments made with sources so everything has a basis.

Details magazine, July 1992 Haya and Anthony were high school sweethearts.

They were close friends already but Kiedis wanted to take the relationship further which he did by taking flowers and a poem to Haya at school; unfortunately he was late and class had already begun but he presented them anyway, much to the delight of his fellow classmates and the embarrassment of Haya! They had their own Romeo and Juliet scenario; Haya’s father would only let her date Jewish boys…” Lords of the Sunset Strip: An Autobiography’ by Blackie Dammett; page 157.

Jessica's profile received a further boost that December when she joined Victoria's Secret as one of the luxury lingerie label's angels, taking to the catwalk alongside Gisele Bundchen and Karolina Kurkova.

These days the model's schedule is so busy there's little time for dating, but in the past Jessica has been romantically linked to singer Anthony Kiedis, lead vocalist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Harrison Ford's son Malcolm.

And, despite the pressures and her youth, the Canadian beauty seems to have a surprisingly mature perspective on things.

"With modeling, you are judged on your looks," she says. But you have to realise that it's only your appearance that's being judged, not you as a whole.

During her childhood, she sang in the church choir, performed in plays for the congregation, and dreamed of becoming a dentist when she grew up.

It wasn't until after the stunner, then 16, was discovered by a model scout at a coffee shop that she found out what modelling was all about.

Fortunately, I was given a reprieve from this quest at the age of seventeen, when I fell in love for the first time.

Her name was Haya Handel, and she was my high school sweetheart.

Between Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, Antonio Banderas, Lenny Kravitz, and Vanilla Ice, her fling with Kiedis in 1993 was just a blip on the relationship radar. Right when the Spice Girls were in their prime in 1998, Kiedis and Chisholm were an item.