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Me, My Spouse and the Internet Meeting, Dating and Marriage in the Digital Age.

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The very entertaining piece touches on subjects such as former CEO Chris Payne’s short tenure (including mention of an internal plot to oust him), the animosity shared between former and current Tinder executives, and Rad’s trouble staying out of the limelight.

Also mentioned are some interesting insights into Tinder’s internal processes, such as the metric of user “reactivation”, as well as a kind of “progressive taxation” system they have started using, which means that “those who get a lot of right swipes (yes) get shown to progressively fewer people, and those who get a lot of left swipes (no) get shown to progressively more people.”With IAC having to formally distance itself from Rad’s previous interview, which was published the day before The Match Group’s IPO, it’s likely these kind of profiles will become more scarce, especially with IAC Chairman Barry Diller amazingly telling Bowles that ““I think (…and fervently hope) that there won’t be a new piece on Rad for the next twenty or so years.” Simon is the editor of Global Dating Insights.

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Dating Activity Features: Self-Introduction – Time to attract and identify your perfect match Ice-breaking games – Time for potential couples to have sparks of love In-depth interaction – conversational exchanges with opposite sex in turn Name card exchanging – Grab the chance to get the contact no.

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