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If you want to skate like Kim Yuna, this is a great place to practice, and it’s great for some fun leisure time with your date!

Actually, this almost always happened after having this conversation because I almost always had this conversation and yet still, 50% of my first dates ended in the guy seriously trying to hit a home run.

Western women like sex and they have sex a lot, this is what Asian guys think.

If you do, you are just cementing an already established stereotype into the mind of the collective cultural mindset.

There are countless coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in South Korea.

Plus, Korean guys think it’s just so damn cute when you’re learning Korean and if they don’t, that’s also a red signal.

That might seem incredible to you but my Korean teacher told me that she had a female student whose boyfriend didn’t want her to learn Korean and he was Korean!

The book that prepared me the best for my move to South Korea was without a doubt Korea: Impossible Country by Daniel Tudor.